Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Carmel!!

    It's Carmel's birthday today! He is turning two!  He is much taller and stronger than when he was one. ;) Probably more of a brat too.. he tried to jump a fence last night... But today is still his birthday!!

    Actually today isn't the perfect birthday.  Memphis was limping really bad yesterday evening, and we put Carmel is the pasture, locked out of the barnyard, so he wouldn't be in the way while we tried to pick out Memphis' hurt foot.  Carmel galloped around, neighing, and at two different times he almost tried to jump.  He came running up to it and halted right before the leap, and then the second time his confidence held out a second longer and he smashed into the fence. D= Bad boy!
    We have actually never picked Memphis' feet before. I've never picked them up. When we got Memphis you couldn't touch him. Now he is where most of the time you can love on him, but he was always touchy about the feet. I should have been working on those hooves more earnestly than I did.  Anyway it was stressful because we had never done it before, but now we needed too.  Memphis knew that fact and let us try.  I love that so much about him!  Back when Memphis was new to the farm, he got his halter stuck in a haybine. (I think it was a haybine, sorry I'm not really as farm machinery-savvy as I would perfer!)  ;P   He was really stuck.  We hacked at that halter with every sharp thing we could find and finally gnawed our was through it and he was free.  What impressed me, though, was that Memphis stayed calm and cool the whole time.  He knew he needed us and that we were there to help.  He trusted us.  He did the same thing last night.  I love that little donkey! 

     Only this time we weren't able to stop the limp.  One piece of his hoof had folded under and although  we were able to get that piece off he is still limping really bad.  The farrier is going to come over and give Memphis his first hoof trimming.  D=  Please pray that we can catch Memphis, that he will be good,  and that the farrier will be able to stop the limping!

   A post for Carmel's birthday and I spent it all on Memphis. ;P  I'll try to get some pictures of him up on here soon.  You know, the older he gets the more he is like his mother. Yikes. I hope not!

                                                               ~Julia L.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Always Get Back On

Howdy Readers!
Carmel Update/Overview
     I hope you have been having an awesome week! Yesterday I sat on Carmel and I want to do so again! I haven't technically ridden him, but I have sat on him a couple times and hit the ground once. Yesterday I was sure he bucked, but later Jess told me that he really just jumped a little and started moving. I still fell off.. Haha! Well, whatever actually happened, (I couldn't really tell what he did from my position.) I still sat on Carmel and that makes me really happy.
      I think yesterday was a big day for me. Two years ago, when I got bucked off Precious, I was really scared to ride a very calm and gentle horse at lessons, but I did. That was a big day for me. I think it was a milestone. I got bucked off a horse and I got back on a horse, (different horse, but still meaningful for me.) Yesterday I fell off and within ten-twenty minutes I was back ON THE SAME HORSE! I have never done (probably) anything so reckless in all my life! I was really scared but God carried me through. He gives strength.
       Confession: I have never sat a saddle on Carmel's back. *shame* I should have by now but I haven't yet. Western saddles kinda scare me a little I suppose. Riding bareback feels so much safer. The first time I got bucked off, my feet got stuck in the stirrups and that is dangerous! This last time I just slipped off of him. The Native Americans had no saddles! ;) I do want to put one on his back at some point though, but I do not want to ride him in it until I can ride him well bareback. I say that now, but later I may change my mind on that. ;)

Memphis Update/Overview

   I have also been blessed with a (very, very very,) adorable little white donkey named Memphis!
He is really sweet and precious! He loves people, but doesn't always let you touch him. We have had him for about 3 years and 1 month. He may have been abused previously. The only reason I say this is because he was so terrified when we got him. If there is one thing you must know about my Mempy boy, it is this: he has come a loooooong way!! He is not a fraction of how scared he was before. He is VERY smart and spunky. I love the little guy so much!! He is about 8 years old now. He is small for a donkey, I think.
   The only really bad thing about Memphis is his hooves. They are way overgrown and he is not gentled enough to get them trimmed. Please pray we could get them down before they cause bad bone formation because he is walking on them wrong. There is probably some of that going on now. He has come a long way, however, and I hope he will keep on coming! I love him loads and loads and loads!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Bucked Again..

Greetings Ya'll!
     I know that is has been way too long since I was on and I apologize. I have a lot to catch up on and a lot to say, but I'll make it some-what short for ya'lls reading convenience. ;)
     We sold Precious. Very long story short we finally found a buyer. They bought her for $100, which is practically nothing in the horse world, but we just needed her gone I suppose.
     She was unride-able for us. Her new owners said that they rode her several times and that she bucked the first two, calmed down, then bucked again. They said she had a, "VERY aggressive buck!" They might keep her, but the people said not to worry, if they didn't keep her they would make sure she went to a good home.
     We also got rid or her because she ate ALOT! Very, very fat.. Our pasture could use a break. ;)
     Third reason is that we were afraid she might rub off her bad habits on Carmel.
    She is a good horse. We had some fun days on her! But then things went wrong. I hope someone else has a great time on her. She deserves it.

Precious' Grrr Face (lol)
The Pasture Occupants Currently
   I rode Carmel today! I lean on him almost everyday, but I've actually sat on him three times, well five after today. He bucked. Yup. It was kinda scary. The Lord gave me strength though! God softened the very ground beneath me when I fell. I barely felt it! We backed him up and walked him forward and around and around. You must move a horse's feet to humble them when they are bad. Then I was shaking and really nervous but mom encouraged me and I prayed and then I pictured Carmel being calm and safe. I got on, and I got off. It was such a blessing! The Lord preformed a miracle! (Well, several.)
1. I didn't die! I didn't get hurt at all.
2. Carmel relaxed after bucking and didn't stay riled up like Precious did. (Phew)
3. This terrified girl actually GOT BACK ON! :D

    There is a horse saying, its simple, scary and deathly true:

                                                Always Get Back On.

   Scary, huh? I never really lived it until today. It really teaches us to rely on Christ's strength!
 Here are some pictures. :) (This happened like, an hour ago. I <3 recent pictures! lol)
 This picture (above) was literally taken about 30 seconds before he bucked and I hit the ground!
 (Above) The second mounting. Notice the difference between this picture and the last. See where his head is?! Really high and poised then. Relaxed and not obviously ready for action here. Back legs are different too. His tail is tucked in the first picture. So many signs of tension! Second pic, his tail and back leg muscles and relaxed and steady.

 See how little he is?! He is small for his age and genealogy, but he is strong! I love him so much!
The head is back up, and he is unsteady my moving his foot a little. I think this pic was before I mounted for the second time. Hm. :)

 Bye For now!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Precious is Saddled!!

Hey Readers!

   Guess what amazing thing happened today??!! :D

Did that give you a clue? :D
                                              WE SADDLED PRECIOUS TODAY!

    Mom and I know how wonderfully useless a horse is that cannot or isn't being ridden; and we both wished Precious was useful! I want a horse I can ride and the pasture is really too small for our horses, but we can't sell a horse that is useless. No one wants one like that! So we were in a bit of a pickle with a spazzy horse, but Mom just saddled her up and took her for a short walk today!

She did great! I was so happy! Carmel was cute watching her too. ;)

But isn't he always? ;) <3
So the LORD answered my prayers and is progressing Precious, helping my mom and I work together, and remember:

                Carmel just keeps gettin' cuter!!!!! <333333

~ <3 In Christ,
                             Julia Lynn Coggins + Carmel Apple +
                                   Precious Beauty!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

January Summary 2015

Greetings Ya'll!

    How was your January, my dears?
    My most sincere apology toward my lack of posting. I admit, my dear reader, this is quite embarrassing! What is quite embarrassing you might ask? Well, I certainly hope you will ask, or at least listen to my answer for, if you had refrained from listening and I myself refrained myself from posting, we would have nothing here to say and we all could go have a party somewhereabouts elsewhere. (Somewhereabouts.. this is a fabulous word I have just created. I give you permission to repeat this fabulous Julia word again sometimewhereabouts.) Where was I? Ah, yes.

   A new year! A new start! A new day! A new chance to get that blog up n' going again, Julia! Ahh.. nah.

Do any o' Ya'll make something called New Year Resolutions? Yea. I don't. Or at least I didn't this year! Did I forget? Oh bother. I better put that on my list next year, huh?

Julia's New Year Resolutions 2016


Hmm.. Perhaps that wouldn't work so well...

        Anywho I didn't make a list of things to do this year, but let me tell you!!

                       If I HAD, the blog would have been on it!!!!!!!!!!

Where was I? Ah, yes. So no resolutions and no blog reminder and so then I wound up not EVEN POSTING IN JANUARY!! Now folks, thats just SAD!

 So to make up for it I am posting a January Summary post.... in Febuary...

   So what happened in January, you well might ask! After all this is a SUMMARY post. You would think the author of this blog had some kind of planning for this post besides the first one of the year being called Febuary and simply using this one as a cover up?!?

                                                      me: *gulp*

  January! Ah yes.. January!! It was.. very! uh very! uh.... Januarish?
Fabulous Julia, fabulous. Everyone clap after that... elaborate..summary..
No one is impressed perhaps... but did I make you laugh, or even simile just a little? Hope so! Let me know in the comments!!

                                            ~Julia L. Coggins ;)        

Oooohhhh!!! CARMEL I LOVE YOU!!!!!



  Now for the truth with no jokin'! In the beginning of the beautiful month of January, the first month of another beautiful new year's beginning, which the Lord God hath made, we were blessed to enjoy a trip down to Texas! 
  If you are familiar with the best Texan around, my dear buddy ol' pal and BEST WRITER EVER AWARD (in my most sincere opinion) you will totally guess that since we were 'in the neighborhood' we stopped in at Mikayla's house. We (Jess and I) even got to spend the night! It was an AWESOME vacation! Mikayla, THANK YOU!!!!!
Ps. If you haven't checked out her blog, get off mine and go read her's! In my opinoin it is a much better use of you time! Have a fabs time my dears!
Mikayla's blog = 

  Last month the LORD also blessed me with His teaching. The more I read, Og how little I apply myself to :(, The LORD still has mercy and still teaches me! He is healing the faithlessness in my heart that is blocking the way for me to truely worship Him! We need His Holy Word. We need Him steadfast love. We need Him!

               In Christ, who holds me!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest, Wonderfullest, Most Beautiful Person Ever!

October 28th marks that 14th birthday of my sister Julia Lynn. 

I know that not many of you know Julia personally.  If you did, though, I have no doubt you would love her.  I know I'm not the easiest person to be around, let alone 24/7.  But Julia puts up with me and sticks with me through thick and thin.

Julia is the quirkiest person.  In a good way, of course.  If you've read any of her posts (and I hope you will, if you haven't.  They are great!) you will have noticed that she has a unique writing style.  She portrays that uniqueness even when not writing.  Her facial and vocal expressions are so expressive and perfect.  She actually can make our brother mad, because he is upset at her but she will start making goofy faces at him and make him laugh; even when he doesn't want to!  She giggles and laughs and smiles at everything.

The thing about Julia that is most evident, though, is her love for her Savior and LORD.  He is her everything, and it is noticeable.  She is always turned to Him, and her every thought and deed reflects her heart in that way.  I will sometimes get upset and yell or pitch a fit at her, sometimes for things that aren't even really her fault, and she will take it and apologize in the humblest of spirits.  Then I realize that I'm the one who needs to apologize.

 She is my best friend.  I've spent almost every moment of my life with her.  I will often say that if you averaged out our lives together, we would probably at any given time be 10 feet or less apart from one another.  Being home schooled and sharing a room guarantee being close while at home.  Even big things like camp, of all-day-youth events, or even trips to friends houses, she's there.  Of course, we've been apart some days, but I don't think I've ever gone a whole 24 hours without her.   And I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Sure, she can get semi-annyoing at times, like when I'm trying to focus on something and she comes up and gets right in my face.  Or when, while trying to fall asleep, she goes on and on and on about her horses.  (What her blog posts are is basically how she talks.  All the time.)  But I love her.  I love her to the end of the world and back again.  She always has my back.  She is always there for me when I need her.  I've told her my biggest secrets, and giggled with her about the tiniest things.  I've put dish soap bubbles in her hair and she's hidden my makeup.  We wear each others clothes and often times she'll steal entire outfits of mine.  But it's worth it.  And I love her more everyday.

In only a couple hours (I'm writing this late at night) it will be Julia's birthday.  Happy birthday, Julia.  You are beautiful, sweet, loving, caring, kind, compassionate, funny, goofy, annoying, and the most wonderful person I know.  I couldn't imagine life without and I hope I never will have too.

Happy 14th Birthday Julia.  I love you so, so much. <3


ps.  If you read this and your not Julia, please leave a comment below and tell her happy birthday.  Also, even though I cannot get her follower gadget to work, if you go to your blogger dashboard, above the list of blogs your following is a button where you can add a URL and automatically follow from there.  So if you wish to follow, please do.  She only has 2 followers. =) <3

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Precious... Comin' Back At Ya, Girl!

Grettings All!
      Precious is the name of one of my two horses. She is mother to my other horse, and since the only other animal in the pasture is a pony sized donkey, (I love him oodles!) Preci is like totally the leader of the herd. Queen Commander. Head Poncho. Whatever. She RULES. (At least she used to...) the tides..are about to change..

BACK STORY: We bought Precious after my first pony died. She was a tall, spunky, Appaloosa who hadn't been ridden for a few years, but the thing that was really exciting was that she was pregnant! Now about her lack of being ridden: I actually rode her after we were pretty sure we wanted to buy her, and she side stepped a bit, but then after the man there put some weight on the saddle, she just kinda quit side stopping and let me get on. After we got her home we tacked her up several times and rode her around a small pen. Mom lead my brother around, my sister never rode I think, but she let me ride by myself! I even trot a bit, poor Precious.
    After this I started going to riding lessons and learned that my form was terrible. I was constantly in her mouth with the bit, and bumped and thumped along on her back. To add another thing to it all, of course she was pregnant too. When Preci threw me she didn't want to be forgotten, or left, but honestly, that's kind of what happened.
   Carmel was born and he drew me back to the field like never before, but not to his mama. Carmel grew and grew, and finally I'm going to start working with Preci too. It's time! It has been too long. So I'm going to work with my spunk and hard headed, but love hungry horse, who wants my love again. I've got a feeling it's going to be worth it.
      I probably owe this mostly to a horse show we went to recently. Want something to convince you to strive to get ahold of a possibility in your grasp? Yeah, go to a place where about 100 girls are doing what your neglecting. You come back with a little more perseverance to set aside those excuses and just give it a shot! Something is telling me it'll be worth it someday.

       So Lord willing I'm going to try to get back on, and train toward it! You know there are lots of people out there who want a horse but have none, so I'm not going to neglect this anymore! And I really do love my spotted horsie.

       In Christ,
                           Julia n Precious